Welcome to Christ-Fulfillment Theology website.

This website is devoted primarily to Bible and Theology, but includes living the Christian life. For those of you who hold a different position on the doctrines discussed on this website, I encourage you to give these studies fair consideration. Read the arguments before you disregard them. I teach systematically, building one truth upon another. I’m very aware of the need for the doctrines of the Bible to be in harmony with one another. That is the test of truth. Thus that is always my goal.

I consolidated four websites into this one. Transfer of articles aren’t quite perfect, but pretty close. You’ll notice that spacing is off in some places, the categories are not as organized as they need to be, and some links may not be working. I plan on correcting these problems in time. However, it’s very serviceable as it is. So grab a cup of coffee and a Bible and begin reading.