Anti-Semitism by Christians is WRONG!

Recently, Senator Ted Cruz was booed off stage at a gathering of Middle Eastern Christians when he made statements in support of Israel. Below is the link to the article:

Senator Gets Booed for Making Pro-Israel Comments at Gathering of Christians

This is unbelievable to me, Christians booing a fellow believer in Christ for supporting Israel! These Middle Eastern Christians clearly have not been taught what the Bible teaches about the significance of Israel. Furthermore, this display of apparent hatred is completely un-Christian. It does NOT reflect the love of Christ.  It does NOT please God.

Let’s be clear about this. God chose Abraham and the nation of Israel, particularly the faith of Israel, to provide salvation for the world. Apart from Israel there is no salvation, for Christianity has it’s very roots in the Jewish religion….even if the Jews are not able to see it, for the Jewish religion always looked ahead to Christ, who would come into this world through the line of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Jesus came into this world through the Hebrew race. He was a Jew. Christianity is the fulfillment of the Jewish religion. Today there are many Jews who recognize Jesus as their Messiah as taught in the Old Testament, and they refer to themselves as “completed Jews,” and indeed, they are.

Therefore, it’s inconceivable to me that ANY Christian can have, or harbor, any ill-feelings toward the people of Israel.