Commentary on Ephesians, 2:10

Ephesians 2:10

“For we are his creation, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, so that we may walk in them.”  LEB

“we are his creation”

This has the idea of being a work of art.

We have been born-again. We’ve been given a whole new nature with which we are now able to commune with God. We’ve been given a whole new heart, a heart by which we are now able to love God. Where once we were spiritually dead and unable to understand spiritual truth, we are now spiritually alive and can understand the deep things of God, as we read and study the Word of God. We are now indwelt by the Holy Spirit, who is now our teacher and guide, and the power by which we live the Christian life.

“created in Christ Jesus for good works”

We, as God’s work of art, were created in Christ Jesus for the purpose of good works. Our salvation involves living a life of obedience. Salvation is not simply a free pass to Heaven, but a whole new life that involves a new Master. We were saved to serve Christ our King. We are not saved by works, but saved for works. True faith in Christ will result in a life of faithfulness. A faith that doesn’t change a person’s life is not a true faith. Faith recognizes Christ for who He is, and the only proper response to that, is one of humble surrender to Him as the Ruler of the universe.

“which God prepared beforehand”

Which God arranged in advance.

People who see salvation as simply the way to Heaven, and nothing more, are not seeing it the way God does. God’s plan of salvation consists not only of being saved from the penalty of sin, but also from the power of sin. In Christ we’ve been given power and victory over sin. Sin is that which is out of the will of God. Sin is the opposite of obedience to God. Sin falls short of God’s glory. We are saved to bring glory to God. As we learned in verse  7 (Eph 2:7), those in Christ are an exhibit of God’s grace and kindness, which by design is to bring Him glory.

A life of self-will and sin does not bring glory to God. If that is our testimony, then we are failing to live out the purpose for which we were saved. We are dishonoring the name of Christ by such a life. Furthermore, if we profess Christ, but have no real desire to live the type of life that brings pleasure to the heart of God, then we have to question the genuineness of the faith that we say we have. If the faith that we profess is not characterized by a changed heart, one that yearns to know and please God more and more, then what we have is a false faith. True faith leads us into harmony with the heart of God.

“so that we may walk in them”

Good works, or a life of faithfulness to God, is not something we do occasionally. It’s something that we walk in continuously. With every step we take of every moment we breathe, we are be walking in obedience and fellowship with God. Everything we think, say, and do, is to bring honor to the name of Christ who gave Himself for us.