Commentary on Revelation – [Outline]

Chapter 1


  • Things which must shortly come to pass
  • The time is at hand
  • To the seven churches in Asia
  • Jesus Christ – Ruler of the kings of the earth
  • We are a kingdom and priests
  • Christ comes with clouds, and every eye will see Him
  • John is partaker with his brothers in the tribulation and kingdom
  • John was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day (Day of the Lord?)
  • Vision of Jesus
  • He has the keys of death and hades
  • Seven stars and seven candlesticks


The Seven Churches


Ephesus (2)
  • Those who overcome will eat of the tree of life that is in the
          Paradise of God.


Smyrna (2)
  • In the midst of tribulation
  • False Jews are a synagogue of Satan
  • They are about to suffer
  • The devil is going to cast some of them into prison
  • Will have tribulation 10 days
  • Those who are faithful unto death will receive the crown of life
  • Those who overcome will not be hurt by the second death


Pergamum (2)
  • They dwell where Satan’s throne is, where Satan dwells
  • They held fast to Christ’s name and did not deny His faith
  • Antipas, Christ’s faithful witness unto death
  • I come quickly
  • He will war against their false teachers with the sword of His mouth
  • Those who overcome will receive of the hidden manna, and be given a white stone with a new name written on it.


Thyatira (2)
  • A bed of tribulation for Jezebel and for those who commit adultery with her.
  • Jesus will give to each one according to their works
  • The deep things of Satan
  • Hold fast till I come
  • Those who overcome and keep the works of Christ to the end, will be given authority over the nations.
  • Will be given the morning star


Sardis (3)
  • Jesus will come as a thief, and they will not know what hour
  • Those who have not defiled their garments will walk with Him in white.
  • Their name will not be blotted out of the book of life


Philadelphia (3)
  • False jews are a synagogue of Satan
  • They will come and worship before the feet of those whom He loves
  • Those who keep the word of His patience will be kept from the hour of trial that will come upon the whole world.
  • I come quickly
  • They’re to hold fast what they have so that no one takes away their crown.
  • Those who overcome will be made a pillar in God’s temple, and will go out from there no more.
  • They will have God’s name written upon them, and the name of His city – new Jerusalem, and Christ’s own new name.


Laodicea (3)
  • Those who overcome will sit down with Christ on His throne


Chapter 4
  • I will show you the things which must come to pass hereafter – Straightway I was in the Spirit.
  • Vision of Heaven
  • A rainbow round about the throne
  • 24 thrones, 24 Elders
  • Four living creatures


Chapter 5
  • Vision of Heaven continues
  • Closed seven seals in the right hand of Him that sat on the throne
  • Only Jesus worthy to open the seven seals
  • Seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth
  • Prayers of the Saints
  • Jesus purchased unto God with His blood men of every tribe, tongue, people, and nation.
  • They’re made to be a kingdom and priests, and they reign upon the earth.


Seven Seals
1 – Conquerer (6)
2 – Peace from the earth (6)
  • slay one another (6)
3 – Famine (6)
4 – Death and hades (¼ part of earth) (6)
  • sword, famine, wild beasts
5 – Christian persecution and death (6)
  • souls of martyrs under altar
  • they are to rest for a little time till their fellow-believers should be killed as they were and fulfilled their course.
6 – Earthquake, sun, moon, stars, heavens  (6)
    removed, mountains and islands moved.
  • Great day of God’s Wrath


  • Sealing of 144,000 (7)
  • Heavenly vision of tribulation Saints – Tears wiped away (7)


7 – Silence in Heaven (8)
  • prayers of the Saints
  • Seven Trumpets


Seven Trumpets
1 – ⅓ of earth, trees, grass burned up (blood) (8)
2 – Burning mountain in the sea (8)
  • ⅓ of sea blood
  • ⅓ of creatures died
  • ⅓ ships destroyed
3 – Burning star to rivers and streams (8)
  • ⅓ rivers made bitter
  • many men died
4 – ⅓ of sun, moon, stars darkened (8)
5 – Locusts upon those without seal of God (9)
  • tormented five months
6 – River Euphrates (9)
  • 200 million riders on horses
  • ⅓ of men killed by fire, smoke, brimstone


  • Rainbow (10)
  • Little open book (10)
  • Seven thunders uttered but not allowed to write (10)
  • Delay no longer (10)
  • Mystery of God finished in the days of the 7th trumpet (10)


  • Measuring of temple of God (11)
  • Holy City tread upon for 42  months (11)
  • Two Witnesses (11)
             –  prophesy for 1260 days
             –  beast kills them after they finish their testimony
             –  they lay in the street of the great city where Christ was crucified
             –  they come to life and ascend to Heaven
             –  great earthquake
             –  tenth of the city falls and 7000 killed


7 – Kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of His
    Christ. (11)
  • time to judge the dead and reward God’s people
  • ark of His covenant in temple of God in Heaven


  • Woman with child (12)
  • Red dragon: 7 heads, 10 horns, 7 diadems (12)
  • Child caught up to God and His throne (12)
  • Dragon and his angels cast down (12)
  • “Now is come the salvation and power and kingdom of our God, and the authority of His Christ.” (12)
  • Dragon persecutes the woman, but she is nourished and protected for 1260 days. (12)
  • Dragon makes war with the rest of her offspring. (12)


  • Beast: 10 horns, 7 heads, 10 diadems (13)
             –  given authority over the world for 42 months
             –  persecutes the saints
  • Another beast comes up out of the earth (13)
             –  makes all to worship the beast or be killed
  • Mark of the beast (13)


  • Heavenly vision of the 144,000 (14)
  • Eternal gospel to the world (14)
  • Hour of God’s judgment (14)
  • Babylon is fallen (14)
  • Those who worship the beast and receive his mark will experience God’s wrath, and suffer eternal torment. (14)
  • Here is the patience of the Saints (14)
  • Blessed are those who die in the Lord from now on (14)
  • The two sickles and reaping of the earth (14)
  • Great winepress of the wrath of God (14)
            –  outside the city
            –  Blood up to the horses bridles for 184 miles


  • Seven last plagues (bowls) finishes the wrath of God (15)
  • Heavenly vision of those who were victorious over the beast and his image and number of his name (15)
  • All nations shall come and worship before the Lord (15)
  • Seven golden bowls full of the wrath of God (15)
  • None able to enter the Temple of Heaven till plagues are finished (15)


Seven Bowls
1 – Sores upon those who have the mark of the beast (16)
2 – Sea became blood – all living things died (16)
3 – Rivers became blood (16)
4 – Men scorched with heat of the sun (16)
5 – Kingdom of the beast darkened – pain and sores (16)
6 – River Euphrates – water dried up (16)
       –  Gathering of all the kings of the world to the war of the great day of
           God, the Almighty (Armageddon). (16)
       –  Jesus comes as a thief – blessed is he who watches and keep his
          garments. (16)
7 – “It is done!” (16)
         – great earthquake
         – Babylon destroyed
         – mountains and islands completely gone
         – great hail stones


Chapter 17 & 18


The Great Harlot
  • Mystery Babylon
  • Mother of harlots and of the abominations of the earth
  • Characterized by:  Great pride, fornication, wrath (14:8, 18:3), luxury and great wealth, and blood of the Saints – the martyrs of Jesus
  • All the world drunk with the wine of her fornication
  • By the wrath of her fornication all the nations are fallen
  • Economic powerhouse
  • Major port city
  • No city greater
  • Reigns over the kings of the earth
  • The beast carries her
  • The beast was, and is not, and shall come
  • The beast is the 8th king of the original 7
  • Ten nation confederacy rules with the beast
  • The beast and confederacy burn and destroy her
  • The beast and confederacy war against the Lamb, but they are defeated
  • The called and chosen and faithful with Jesus also overcome the beast


Chapter 19


  • Rejoicing over the judgment of the great harlot
  • The Almighty reigns
  • Marriage supper of the Lamb
  • The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy
  • Return of Christ on a white horse to make war with the beast and the
         kings of the earth – the great supper of God
  • Jesus treads the winepress of the fierceness of the wrath of God
  • Armies of Heaven with Him, in white
  • Beast and false prophet cast alive into the lake of fire
  • Rest killed with the sword of Jesus’ mouth
  • Birds filled with their flesh


Chapter 20


  • Satan bound for 1000 years
  • Heavenly vision: Thrones and they that sat on them. Judgment given to them. Also those who were beheaded and died for Christ
  • They didn’t worship the beast or his image or receive his mark
  • They lived and reigned with Christ for 1000 years as priests of God
          and of Christ
  • First resurrection
  • Second death
  • Satan released after the 1000 years are finished
  • Deceives and gathers the nations against the camp of the Saints, and the
         beloved city
  • Fire comes down out of Heaven and devours them
  • Satan is cast into the lake of fire where the beast and false prophet are
  • Great white throne judgment
  • Lake of fire – second death
  • End of death


Chapter 21


  • New heaven and new earth
  • The holy city new Jerusalem comes down out of Heaven as a
          bride adorned for her husband
  • God will dwell with His people
  • He wipes away all tears
  • No more pain or death
  • God makes all things new
  • The unbelieving and sinners shall be in the lake of fire
  • Description of new Jerusalem


Chapter 22


  • Description of new Jerusalem continues
  • Final words of Christ