Gary DeMar Article


I don’t normally post articles by other authors, but once in awhile I’ll run across an article that really stands out and worth sharing here. Such is this article by Gary DeMar. He makes some really great points about the approach that dispensational Christians have regarding the nation of Israel. To be clear, I’m not a preterist as DeMar is, but we share the same biblical view regarding Israel and the Church. Also to be clear, I’m a supporter of Israel. I love Benjamin Netanyahu. I respect the fact that they are a free nation and a major ally of America. However, I don’t support Israel for the same reason dispensationalists do. I don’t believe God still has a future plan for them. I believe God’s plan for Israel is complete in Christ and His Church.

But back to DeMar’s article. When you really stop and think about the dispensational position and the points that DeMar makes, the support that dispensational Christians have for Israel does seem a bit disingenuous. For they see Israel as a means to an end at their expense. Read the article and you’ll see what I’m talking about: