Healing Ministry of Christ – [Picture of Atonement]

Everything Jesus did had a purpose. There is no question that everything He did was for the purpose of revealing the  truth. He came into this world to provide salvation, and so I believe everything He did was with that in view. Everything He did and said was for the purpose of confirming who He was and where He came from and what He came to do. This is so true of the healing ministry of Christ.

The healing He performed was a major part of His overall ministry. He went everywhere proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing the sick, raising the dead, healing those with physical problems, and those who were possessed by demons:

Matthew 4:23,24
Matthew 8:16,17
Matthew 12:15
Matthew 14:14
Matthew 15:30,31
Matthew 19:2
Matthew 21:14
Luke 4:40,41
Luke 6:17,18,19

These scriptures indicate that Jesus healed everyone who came to Him for healing. He had compassion on all, and did not deny anyone who came to Him. We don’t see anywhere in the Bible where Jesus ever turned away anyone who went to Him for healing.

I believe this is significant because I believe it presents a picture of the atonement. He had compassion on everyone who had sickness, disease, physical problems, or possessed by demons. The compassion of His heart led Him to heal everyone who came to Him. If He felt compassion for those who were sick in body, would He not more so feel compassion for those who are sick with sin? To say otherwise would indicate that He is more concerned for the temporary, than for the eternal. But did Jesus ever see anything, or ever do anything with only the temporary in view? Did  He not see everything in light of eternity?

The sickness of our body is a picture of our spiritual sickness, which is caused by sin. Indeed, the sicknesses of our body are a direct result of sin. The bodily sickness is a reflection of our spiritual sickness. I believe this is exactly how Jesus viewed this, and I believe He used His healing ministry to provide a picture of the atonement, that the blood He shed was for the atonement of all. Just as Jesus healed all who came to Him for physical healing, He heals everyone who comes to Him for spiritual healing.

Of particular consideration is Matthew 8:16,17, where Isaiah 53:4 is quoted. If you read Matthew 8:17 in light of Isaiah 53:1-6, it clearly refers to the atonement. Here Jesus’ healing ministry is directly linked to His crucifixion.

Another indication that the healing ministry of Christ presents a picture of the atonement, is in regard to the demons Jesus cast out. Demons represent darkness. They represent Satan himself. As Acts 26:18 indicates, the casting out of demons provides us with a picture of salvation, “to open their eyes, so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins.”

Furthermore, Jesus raised people from the dead. Is that not a clear picture of spiritual death, and of being raised to new life in Christ? Everything about the healing ministry of Christ paints a wonderful picture of unlimited atonement.