Is Lordship Salvation A Works Salvation?

Some people make the argument that Lordship salvation is a works salvation. They see it that way because they don’t understand what Lordship salvation is. First of all, who in their right mind would suggest that God doesn’t require submission to His authority? He is Almighty God, the creator of all things. He is the Ruler of the universe. His very titles of Lord and King demands our allegiance.

That’s what we are talking about when we speak of Lordship salvation. It’s recognizing God’s authority. It’s a willing submission to that authority. It’s a decision we make in our heart to allow Him to rule our lives. It’s giving God the honor that is due Him.

What we do as a result of that decision is what we would call “works.” Obedience is a result of our allegiance to God as Lord and King. Those who bow before Him in submission display genuine faith.

Yes, it’s faith alone that saves, but faith has to have an object. The object of our faith as Christians, is the God and Ruler of the universe. The fact of who He is requires our allegiance.

Therefore, saving faith is the appropriate response to Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords….the Savior of the world.