Kingdom Now – [Introduction]

A lot of preliminary work needs to be done before we’re ready to tackle the book of Revelation. First thing on the list is the Kingdom of Christ. A key to unlocking Revelation, is a correct understanding of this kingdom.

Dispensational Premillennialists understand the Kingdom of Christ to be a Jewish, earthly kingdom that will last 1000 years, with Jesus sitting on the throne. This, in their view, will occur right after the “seven year tribulation period.”

One of the reasons they believe as they do, is because of their understanding of the Old Testament. To a large degree, they interpret the New Testament according to that understanding. However, that’s a backwards approach. We must always interpret the OT according to our understanding of the NT. Thus we must first have a solid understanding of the NT before we’re ready to proceed to the OT.

I believe the Bible reveals the Kingdom of Christ is the Church, and that Jesus is ruling from His throne now. If you’ll follow along with me, I’ll demonstrate this viewpoint from several key passages of Scripture. There are other key passages that simply don’t allow for a 1000 year, premillennial type of kingdom. I believe the combination of these scriptures provide a very strong case.

The first passage we’ll be looking at is 1 Corinthians 15.