Peace With God

Prevenient grace –  The Holy Spirit must open the spiritually blind eyes of sinners to the truth about Christ through the gospel message. He must convict them of their sins and free their will — which enables faith. This work of grace can be resisted. 

Elected corporately –  God chose to save and call out a people (group) for His name through His Elect Son. He chooses to save anyone who comes to Him via faith in His Son. Upon faith, they become members of the Elect Church, the corporate body of Christ.

Atonement for all –  Jesus shed His blood for all sinners. Salvation is available to all sinners. Anyone who hears the gospel message has the opportunity to have their sins forgiven through faith in Christ. 

Completely depraved –  Sinners are completely depraved in the sense that they are spiritually dead and spiritually blind, separated from God, and unable to understand truth or come to Christ apart from the work of the Holy Spirit. 

Enduring faith –  Believers are secure in Christ through an enduring faith, which is characterized by faithfulness. Faith is not a single act of a moment of time, but a faith that continues throughout our lives. One can forfeit their salvation through either a lifestyle of sin (which indicates a loss of true faith in Christ) or through a complete turning away from Christ and the Christian faith.