Sovereignty of God and Evil

There are Christians who actually attribute sin and evil to God. They do so because they view this as the only way for God to operate as a sovereign God. And of course they have scripture to back up their claim. However, that’s merely a personal interpretation that is based on a faulty foundation. The proper foundation is the holy character of God.
I want to make four brief points:
1. If we get God’s character right, we’ll get His sovereignty right.
2. Sin is not something that was created. It was the result of man’s free will to choose to disobey God. Sin came into being through the disobedience of Adam and Eve. It originates with them.
The choice to disobey, the choice to sin, has continued ever since. Thus whenever people sin and commit acts of evil, it’s not because of a “Divine decree,” but because of their own sinful and prideful and evil heart. Only a sinful person can commit sin. Only an evil person can commit acts of evil. 
3. As sin and evil relates to the sovereignty of God, though we’re not able to fully comprehend God, it’s consistent with His holy character and with Scripture to view it as something that God allows, but then intervenes and overrules as He sees fit in order to carry out His purposes – as I believe He does in all the affairs of mankind. 
In other words, God allows sin and evil in the world, but intervenes in a preventative manner at certain points and in certain situations in order to accomplish His purposes for mankind and for this world. Those “points of intervention” are according to His infinite wisdom and absolute holy character. 

So we see evil moving along side of good in this world, where God prevents evil on the one hand, while allowing or influencing good on the other (especially as He leads and guides among His people). This combination would, thus, allow Him to carry out His Sovereign will in harmony with His holy attributes. 
4. What’s evil is to attribute evil to God. That’s a lie from the “father of lies” (John 8:44). Christians need to passionately resist this lie, and passionately defend the good and holy character of God.