Questions About the Sovereignty of God


One thing you will not hear me talk much about is the sovereignty of God, and how He carries out His will in the world, and in the universe. This is a subject that is much debated among Christians. However, I’ve discovered that a lot of the discussion focuses on things we can’t possibly know about. There are things about God and how He operates that He has chosen not to share with us. Thus so much of the discussion is pure speculation.

Christians like to submit theories about how God went about creating man and angels as a God who knows all things, including the future. But all we can do is speculate. There is a lot of discussion about how God carries out His plan for this world with all the sin and evil that dominates, and how His sovereignty figures in to all that.

So many questions. Does the sovereignty of God mean that He is a grand puppet-master, who micro-manages the world? How does the sovereignty of God work within the sphere of man’s free will? If God is the one who designed us, if He is the one who fashioned our hearts, does that make Him responsible for sin? If God knew that Satan would rebel and become the father of lies and produce so much evil in the world, why did He create him? How does a holy and righteous God separate Himself from all the evil in the world, when He is the one who created man and angels?

So many questions. But God hasn’t explained everything about Himself, and to go into deep discussions about the unknown things about God is, in my opinion, a bit useless. I’m not saying there isn’t a place for it, but I don’t think we should give more time and attention to it than what it’s worth. I don’t think there’s much value in speculating about God.

However, I believe we SHOULD discuss the things that ARE known about God. We know that God is without sin. He is good and just and righteous and merciful and holy. He hates sin. He hates evil. He commands good. He will one day judge the world with righteous judgment.

Therefore, we know that God is NOT responsible for the sin and evil in the world. He does NOT put it into the hearts of individuals to commit evil acts, as some actually believe. Because of God’s holy character and His hatred for sin, we can confidently conclude that God somehow and some way was able to create and design humanity in a way that leaves Him totally without fault.