Theology Tid-Bits: The Picture of Saving Faith

We’re saved by God’s grace through faith. 

However, it’s important that we don’t define faith according to our own understanding. We must consider carefully how the Bible defines faith.

Faith is not a mere intellectual belief in Christ. It’s not a stand-alone belief that is entirely separated from the way we live. God’s Word doesn’t define saving faith that way. What it reveals is a sincere, heart-felt faith that changes the direction of one’s life. 

If one professes Christ, but there is no true allegiance to Christ and to His will, then it’s a false faith. True faith follows what it knows to be true.

Furthermore, the Bible also reveals faith to be an enduring faith. It’s not something that simply gets us through the door, as if nothing really matters after that. On the contrary, true faith is something that we carry deep within our hearts from the moment we take that first step in. It continually moves us in a Christ-ward direction.

That’s the overall picture of saving faith the Bible presents.

Note: I deal with this subject in biblical detail throughout this website.