Theology Tidbits: Calvinism’s Contradictory View of God’s Sovereignty

As Christians, as children of God with a new nature, we’re to grow to become like our Father, because like begets like. If God’s attributes and the way He carries out His will is different than our own as His children, then it removes any real meaning to the “fruit of the Spirit” and “Christ-likeness.” If what we understand and experience (regarding the fruit of the Spirit and of Christ-likeness) is different than who God is Himself, then clearly, God is working against Himself…..and that’s just what Calvinism does, it has God working against Himself. However, God is consistent with Himself. All His attributes always work in harmony with one another.

Thus our understanding of right and wrong, light and darkness, goodness, righteousness, holiness, love, mercy, grace, justice, compassion, etc. must come from God, and must also be a reflection of who He Himself is. Our understanding of God and His character comes not only through His Word, but also through the fruit that He Himself produces in us.