Theology Tidbits: Election is IN Christ

Election is in Christ (Eph 1:4). Therefore, election is contained in Christ. Election is limited to Christ. Meaning, when God chose Jesus (Luke 9:35), He was literally choosing His people (the Church), with His Son as their Head. Christ is the beginning of the Church. As life was in Adam, and proceeded forth from him, election is in Christ and proceeds forth from Him. There is no election outside of Christ. It doesn’t have elect individuals in view, as though a tag of election has been pinned to them.

Election is like a flowing river. It flows in Christ, and proceeds forth from Him. It was Christ and the Church that was chosen by God, and so in order to become a part of the elect people of God, we must enter into this river of election.

Therefore, when Paul said that “He chose us in Him (Eph 1:4), he was referring to the Church, which began with the Elect Christ. In choosing His Son, God was choosing His people. In other words, the election of Christ includes the corporate people of God.