Theology Tidbits: God’s Sovereign Choice

There are basically three views regarding the doctrine of election:

1.  The Calvinistic View: God’s sovereign choice who will believe and who won’t.

No one is able to believe in Christ unless God has determined it for them, and then draws them in a manner that is irresistible.

2.  The Classical Arminian View:  God’s sovereign choice of individuals based on His foreknowledge.

The elect are those whom God knew in advance who would believe in Christ (According to a freed will, the enabling grace to believe provided by the Holy Spirit).

3.  The Corporate View:  God’s sovereign choice to save a people out of this world for Himself, which together are the Elect (Church).

God chose to save anyone who would come to Him through faith in His Elect Son, who then became one of the elect based on their identification with the Elect Church, who has the Elect Son as its Corporate Head (Again, according to a free will).

Now, which in your view makes the most sense?