Theology Tidbits: The Oxymoron Christian

I have to wonder about those who profess to be Christians, but are not sincerely concerned or committed to doing the will of God. They don’t have a regular time with Lord in prayer and God’s Word, nor do they go to church. Or if they do, it’s more of a Sunday duty. Instead, they live according to their own will, and are more focused on the things of this world.
What I’ve just described is an oxymoron. To say “I’m a Christian,” but not living the Christian life, is like saying “I’m a Christian unbeliever.” By definition, a Christian is a follower of Christ, someone who has embraced Christ and the Christian faith. Biblically, when someone chooses Christ, they are choosing to live according to the Christian faith. There is no such thing as choosing Christ as Savior, but not the Christian life.
This type of thinking can be attributed to the teaching of those who make salvation seem like no more than a free ticket to Heaven.
It’s time we stopped watering down the message of Christ, and started presenting it within the context of the Christian life. The Bible does. Should we do any less?